Rock This Look: Nadia G. Goes Retro

Nadia G. Rock This Look

We all know that maturing usually goes hand in hand with fashion sense. Sure, some of us were stylish kids, but the rest of us suffered the humiliation of matching our siblings hand-me-downs and, dare I say it, school uniforms. We have our parents to thank for that! In Nadia G.’s “Childhood Favorites” episode, she’s showing you that nostalgia can be cool, as long as you leave the acne out of it. Vintage tees can be glammed up with a pair of skinny jeans, sky-high heels and even some cuter-than-your-school-yearbook-photos socks – as long as they match.

Vintage Tees

It’s cool to jump on current bandwagons, but it’s insanely cooler to show off the ones you used to ride on. Nadia G. rocks the Garbage Pail Kids better than any tween of the past! Since you can’t always get lucky ransacking thrift store shelves, cool reprints are being made of all your favorites over at Junk Food Clothing and Worn Free.

Skinny Jeans

The jeans and T-shirt combination is classic, but it can be effortlessly more sleek with the addition of a skinny cut. Nadia’s Diesel “Grupee” jeans show off curves in all the right places. Remember, we can look back at childhood fondly without reaching for the old and never-stylish torn, doodled-on or patched-up pair of jeans. We also don’t have to reach for a mom pair.

Gold Heels

As a kid, these were the heels we dreamed of, and there certainly wasn’t a pair like them in Mom’s cupboard for us to wobble around on. Rejoice in adulthood and rock a shiny pair from Pour la Victoire, Guess or Bebe! Even your inner child will be chucking away the shoes of the past for these beauties.

 Funky Socks

Some things never change, like youths’ obsession with boy bands, the comfort of a great mac and cheese, and funky socks. Nothing cheers you up quite like looking down and seeing a loud print peeking out from your shoes! Our feet may have grown, but Joy of Socks and Sock It to Me make sure we can keep strutting our stuff. And by strutting, we mean sliding around the sleek floors of our kitchen.

Nail Polish

Kids think that having a different nail polish color on each finger is cool. Show them that one “Berry Sweet” shade by Nicole O.P.I is the way to go, then display yours while beating them at all their favorite board games. Hey, it’s a cruel lesson, but it’s an important one.


Lipstick has always been for women, but fun colors like M.A.C. “Ruby Woo” show the world that your mouth can still take on a “nah uh” marathon. (Our siblings always gave up the blame before we did.)


Remember when boondoggle was trendy? Neither do we. But between spike bracelets and rubber bands, we’re OK with this fashion update. Nadia G.’s Swarovski “Such” bracelet is the only accessory you need to complete this look.

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