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Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Casual “One of the Guys” Style

Rock This Look - Nadia G.

Ask a man if he likes high-waisted shorts, the difference between a platform and a wedge or if he thinks the outfit you’re wearing makes you look fat, and you’ll probably regret it. Fact is, dudes want you to look good but they don’t want to wait too long while you do your “magic.” Since us ladies have to keep our beauty secrets, follow Nadia’s lead and rock this casual “one of the guys” look from her Dude Food episode.

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Get 20 Free Latin Tracks to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Tequila Lemonade

While many will be recovering from their tricks and treats, those south of the border (and north) will be preparing for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  The Mexican national holiday is a celebration when families and friends get together to honor and celebrate those who have died.

So on November 1, if you are up for a second night of devilish fun, we’re here to help.

As a special treat to go along with these great cocktails and bites, our good friends at Nacional Records, an amazing label that has the best new sounds of Latin music, are offering our readers a FREE download collection of 20 of today’s best and cutting-edge Latin tracks.

Download them now.

The Recipes:

You can learn more about Andrew and The Beat Advisory at

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13 Days of Pumpkin: A Thanksgiving Trifecta (With a Splash of Politics)

Top Chefs’ Zac Young and Yigit Pura pay tribute to the 49th state with two kicked-up takes on Baked Alaska.

Watch now:

 More Dessert Recipes From Zac and Yigit:

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Raise a Glass of Atole de Calabaza for Day of the Dead

Atole de Calabaza Recipe

Few holidays capture the imagination like El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. From November 1 (All Saints’ Day) through November 2 (All Souls’ Day), families throughout Mexico and Central America build elaborate altars to lay out the favorite foods of their dearly departed. Platters of rice and beans, moles, tortillas, tamales, calaveras (candy skulls) and brioche-like pan de muertos dusted with sugar welcome the spirits home — albeit for a brief time — before the food is shared by family and friends.

Atole, a hot beverage thickened with fresh corn masa, corn flour or cornstarch, is a holiday staple, though it’s enjoyed for breakfast year-round. Traditionally sweetened with unrefined cane sugar, or piloncillo, and flavored with fruit, a chocolate version called champurrado is served at Christmastime. This atole de calabaza is made with fresh pumpkin slowly cooked with aromatic spices like anise, allspice and clove. While the Day of the Dead is a time to reflect on the past, this richly textured drink will keep you looking forward to the crisp fall days ahead.

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The Five Best Candies to Get on Halloween

Paul F. Tompkins

5) SMARTIES. These tiny discs of concentrated sugar contain enough tartness to serve as a perfect palate cleanser between your milk-chocolate-and-caramel courses.

4) BUTTERFINGER. Whatever the substance in this bar is that bonds like Gorilla Glue to your teeth makes this hearty treat last way, way longer than any other chocolate bar. You are done with it before it’s done with you. ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUTE: Clark Bar.

3) MILKY WAY MIDNIGHT. The candy bar that brought grown-up elegance to Hallowe’en. The hint of dark chocolate sophistication practically forces you to extend your pinky whilst gorging.

2) CANDY CORN. Not because it’s good. Because it’s not. What is this, the Great Depression? Why are we eating this brightly colored Appalachian wax? I’ll tell you why: because if you knew no pain, you’d never know joy. You eat candy corn because it’s there, and you can’t stop yourself. It’s still, thanks in large part to its name, TECHNICALLY candy. But when you eat some of the top-shelf stuff after a handful of these sad shapes, you appreciate the effort made by huge, faceless corporations.

1) REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. For my money, the undisputed King of All Hallow’s Eve. Not the two-disc sleeve, not the miniatures in gold foil (the sweet-to-savory ratio is WAY off on those), I speak of the individual cups. And the packaging is ORANGE. Intelligent design? A case could be made!

PAUL F. TOMPKINS new comedy album LABORING UNDER DELUSIONS: LIVE IN BROOKLYN is now available on ASPECIALTHING RECORDS.  Recorded live at the Bell House in Brooklyn and over 90 minutes in length, Tompkins’ powerhouse set includes a looser, expanded version of the outstanding material showcased by Tompkins in his Comedy Central special “Laboring Under Delusions.”

Get the album
on AST:
And on iTunes:

More Paul F. Tompkins:

Twitter: @PFTompkins

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Eat Burritos for a Cause Other Than Deliciousness

Joining the history books along with Free Cone Day and whatever it is Taco Bell called the day they gave away those Doritos tacos, Chipotle will be selling pretty much everything on their menu for just $2 to anyone in costume on Halloween. They are calling it, of course, Boo-rito Day.

In previous years, the chain required patrons to dress as a burrito (see above) to get free stuff, but we’re not convinced dressing as one as you eat one won’t cause a space/time paradox. On top of the cheap grub, Chipotle will be donating all of the proceeds of the event to charity, so you can feel good as you stuff your face so much that you feel bad.

Alternatively, you can stay at home in your pajamas and cook some awesome Halloween grub for cheap, too.

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Pizza to Change the Course of Election

photo by Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press
In this contentious, and never-ending, election season, who would have guessed that pizza would become such a major player? First there was Pizza Hut and their attempt to photo bomb the second debate, and now there is this piece of news coming out of the Buckeye State: the Ohio Republican Party filed an election complaint alleging that an Obama organization has been trading votes for pizza! This argument is set to become as heated as anchovies versus no anchovies.

What crazy stuff have you done for a slice of delicious ‘za? Be honest. You are among friends.

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Windy City Chomping: Chicago Finally Approves Locations for Food Trucks

Image: Time Out Chicago
Chicagoans may have ready access to the deepest-dished pizzas and the beefiest Italian sandwiches, but they have virtually no access to the food truck. That’s right, these rolling buffets have taken over other big cities but, thanks to various ordinances, have thus far been unable to legally park in Chicago.

Hang on to your hats (because of the wind, sigh). That is all about to change. The city has approved twenty-one locations for legal parking and selling of food. Thank goodness. All of that walking into storefronts was getting tiresome. Here is a map of the approved locations.

Get more of the country’s best curbside eats on our Eat St. location guide.

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13 Days of Pumpkin: Pie Without the Crust

Aida’s Pecan Pumpkin Crunch is a crustless alternative to pumpkin pie.

Watch now:

More Pumpkin Desserts:

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Meatless Monday: Macaroni and Cheese With Mushrooms and Kale

macaroni and cheese
Going meatless on Mondays (or any other day) isn’t an excuse for a full-on carb and cheese fest. But it’s easy to do so: macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, pizza, quesadillas — these are all completely meatless and completely amazing foods. But if you eat pizza all day every Monday, you’ll be missing out on the point, and the health benefits of Meatless Monday. An easy fix? Add some vegetables to your favorite cheesy, carby comfort foods and you’re all set. Comfort with a side of vitamins and fiber.

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