Why You Should Watch My Grandmother’s Ravioli

Mo Rocca and Grandmas
Grandmas Meena Despande, Peggy Guiliano, Ruth Teig, Eva Levitis and Mona Vasuden with Mo Rocca.

Last night the Food Network Kitchens hosted a launch party for Cooking Channel’s new show My Grandmother’s Ravioli (premiering Wednesday, October 24 at 8:30pm ET.) The show is about humorist Mo Rocca — who never learned to cook his grandmother’s delicious ravioli, or anything else for that matter —  getting cooking lessons from grandparents to whom he is not related.  As one might expect from a launch party for such a show, the event was well-supplied with Mo Rocca and wine and ravioli and grandmas. But that’s not a reason for you to tune in every Wednesday at 8:30p/7:30c. You should tune in because it’s funny, heartwarming, fascinating and filled with great heirloom recipes. We’ll let the first episode’s Jewish grandmother Ruth Teig speak for it. Watch this special web-only teaser of the show we posted on Facebook.

Tune in to My Grandmother’s Ravioli every Wednesday at 8:30pm ET.

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