Visit the Beekman Boys at Our Annual Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

When we started the Harvest Festival and Harvest Feast in our tiny village of Sharon Springs, NY, four years ago, our goal was to engage the community in the support of the local farmers and food producers and perhaps introduce a few “outsiders” to the rich agricultural history of Schoharie County, “the breadbasket of the American Revolution.”  That first year 500 people came — and we were thrilled (there’s only a little over 500 people in the entire village).

This year’s Harvest Festival was Sept. 15 and 16 and more than 10,000 people from 22 states and four countries passed through Sharon Springs.  It is testament to what a small community can achieve when it works together toward a common goal.

The dates for next year’s festival are Sept. 21 and 22, so start making plans now!

We’d love to show off our community to you!

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