Rock This Look: Nadia’s Halloween Special

Rock This Look: Bitchin' Halloween Special

It was a dark and stormy night, and you could swear you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. Was it the ghost of dinners past, a zombie gnawing on your leftovers or — gasp! — a horrible DIY costume from last year that just won’t die?! Look, Halloween is just about the only time you’re “allowed” to pass off a bed sheet for an outfit, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Sure, costumes are fun, but if you’re going to have a sophisticated celebration this year, take some cues from Nadia G’s Halloween Special attire, then break out that badass Iron Man suit when the sun goes down.


Your Nonna’s old tablecloth might have passed as a witch’s cape when you were a kid, but your taste in badass fashion needs a serious upgrade! You can look dark and mysterious in a vintage black-lace dress, no broom required. They’re seriously all the rage right now, so take advantage and look for some at your favorite shop. We found some great ones here, here and here!


Maggot-infested gashes are a hard makeup trip to master, so you’re better off focusing your efforts on a look that’ll carry you well past All Hallows’ Eve. For the perfect eyes, you’re only two shadows, a liner and mascara away from having all who look at you under your spell. Nadia is wearing M.A.C’s “Phloof!” across her lids and “Carbon” smoothed in to her eyelid crease. “Boot Black” liquid eyeliner gives her perfect black cat tips, and “Zoom Black” mascara brings it all together with a set of eyelashes that you can pretend you’re innocent behind. Now, you’re ready to trick and/or treat.


An outfit just isn’t an outfit until you get down to the shoes. And while we don’t recommend heels for those performing Halloween rituals in the middle of mud-laden pumpkin patches, these Christian Louboutin black patent leather pumps might just be worth selling your soul to the devil for. If you were to go door-to-door in these babies, you might hear “How do you walk in those?!” but more likely you’ll hear “I’ll trade you all the Tootsie Pops in my pillowcase for those!”


This is the section where we usually recommend a great ring, necklace or bracelet to complement your ensemble. But, c’mon, it’s Halloween! Find yourself a couple of boy toys, like Nadia did, or at the very least, throw your dog into a tutu. Extra points for parents who dress your kids up like butlers and maids for the night. You’ll get the kids excited about handing out your hors d’oeuvre and mopping up your failed dry-ice experiments, and all for the candy you leave over!

This Halloween, don’t be talked in to being a mummy wrapped in toilet paper, a grape bunch littered with dangerously close popping balloons or the back end of a “really realistic” horse costume. After all, if tonight’s the night you’re going to finally have your blood sucked by that certain vampire you’ve been eyeing, you’re going to want to look good.

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