Mayan Apocalypse Update: Dunkin Donuts to Release Bagel Munchkins

File this in the “dogs and cats playing together” folder. The world’s biggest doughnut chain — and John Goodman’s fuel that runs America — is set to release a brand new iteration of the Munchkin. That’s right, the ubiquitous tiny pastry that everyone remembers from their hard-partying days in elementary school is getting a major update.

The new flavor? Bagel. You read that right. The DD will soon be making bite-sized bagel holes. We always wondered where all of that excess dough went. They are going to be called, of course, the Bunchkin and should go on sale later this year. The real question remains: will they have a cream cheese dunking sauce? Cutting them open to spread it seems like it would be majorly annoying.