Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Casual “One of the Guys” Style

Rock This Look - Nadia G.

Ask a man if he likes high-waisted shorts, the difference between a platform and a wedge or if he thinks the outfit you’re wearing makes you look fat, and you’ll probably regret it. Fact is, dudes want you to look good but they don’t want to wait too long while you do your “magic.” Since us ladies have to keep our beauty secrets, follow Nadia’s lead and rock this casual “one of the guys” look from her Dude Food episode.

When it comes to entertaining the male gender, there’s no telling when beer or bacon will end up on your carpet, couch or, heaven forbid, outfit. Since no one wants bigger dry-cleaning bills for their Versace one-of-a-kinds, a denim blouse is a perfect choice for looking put together without all the effort of putting yourself together. You might even cause some button-up envy among your male pals, but that’s the beauty of this wardrobe staple: it’s gender friendly! Nadia’s choice is GUESS’ Utility blouse, and you can browse the whole collection here.

Men might never understand the difference between bootcut and flare, but they recognize curves when they see em. And what better way to accentuate yours than a perfect-fitting pair of jeans? Nadia’s Rag & Bone “Preston” skinnies are feminine and are about 100 times more comfortable than any pantyhose. Don’t worry, when you get down to enjoying all the great dude foods, you’ll actually be participating in camaraderie when you unbutton them for more breathing room.

The best makeup option for a sausage-fest is the kind that complements you without looking overdone. Nadia rocks “Saddle” MAC eyeshadow with “Teddy” eyeliner for an “I always look this good” face. This week she’s even picked out a gorgeous “Street Smart” vegan nail polish by Spa Ritual. Will the bros care about the color or the goodwill? Who cares! Bare nails are not nearly as cute.

This is Bitchin’ Kitchen, and as such, there are no exceptions when it comes to shoes. Men don’t understand the price tags or the discomfort, but, hey, we’re not trading our heels for trainers anytime soon. Nadia’s “Piou Piou” Python Louboutins are so an “everyday” shoe in our books. No argument.

Victory rolls make girls gawk in awe, but a guy friend will likely ask what’s sitting on top of your head. Since you’re not EVER going to chop it off or hide it under a ball cap in the name of ease, it’s time to fall for scarves! Nadia adds some color to her look and so much flair with this Emilio Pucci Scarf. Justify picking out a unique silk scarf for yourself by making use of all the multitasking! I’m talking about wearing it around your neck, not tucking it in to your collar like a napkin. C’mon, don’t let the testosterone take over completely now.

In the guy world, watches, wallet chains and stains from last night’s takeout are “accoutrements.” We think Nadia’s M. Cohen bracelets are much more desirable, kicking her laid-back denim up a notch! In fact, some these spiked and studded bracelets might look nice around a masculine wrist. You can always ensure no boys are conveniently “borrowing” your bracelets at every chance by getting one in pink. Pink and skulls? Very bitchin’. It’s all about mixing and matching to suit your tastes!

Don’t fear belching, wrestling or getting messy at the dinner table in the name of dude food. Rock this Look and you’ll still be a knockout!

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