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Gabriele Corcos Builds Fire Pit

Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos return to Cooking Channel for a new season of Extra Virgin tonight at 9:30pm ET. Set your DVRs, smart phone alarms and old-school hand-written appointment books for 13 new episodes of food, family and fun every Wednesday.

On tonight’s episode, travel with Debi, Gabriele and their daughters to their beautiful farmhouse in Tuscany and watch Gabriele try to rally his extremely jet-lagged family into preparing an enormous feast for family and friends using ingredients sourced from their backyard. They may not be thrilled about it, but it gets us pretty great recipes (and helps them sleep better.)

The menu includes Grilled Apricots with Goat Cheese; Frittata with Zucchini; Pasta alla Norma “Nuda”; Vanilla Gelato with Cherry Compote and more.

Plus, if you want to catch up on some of great meals and moments Debi and Gabrile have already experienced, we’re airing a marathon of the first season starting at 1:30pm ET today.

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