Hump Day Snack: Deodorant Candy

Deodorant Candy

We all like to smell good. Not only does it keep us popular with potential mates, but it also keeps us from getting mistaken for a landfill. What lengths are we willing to go to remain freshly scented though? A Bulgarian confectioner is betting those lengths are long indeed. They are betting we like smelling nice so much that we’ll eat our deoderant.

It’s true! A company called Alpi has put the finishing touches on their aptly named Deo Perfume Candy. When you eat one, it leads to rose-scented body secretions. Really. The trick is the addition of geraniol, a naturally occurring compound found in flowers, vanilla and lavender. Once you munch, the geraniol makes it’s odorific trip throughout your body. Before long you’ll be smelling as fresh as a daisy. At least that’s the claim.