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Is This the World’s Best Fridge?

World's Best Fridge

The world of high-tech refrigerators has grown in leaps in recent years. There are fridges that send tweets, fridges that squeeze inside of drawers and even fridges that are completely transparent.  Until now, there hasn’t been a gigantic mega-fridge that has a coffee maker, steam oven and HDTV attached.

Italian appliance maker Meneghini Arredamenti has lovingly created this chilly beast, naming it La Cambusa (“the galley” in Italian.) The aforementioned features are only the beginning. It also comes with a microwave, temperature controlled pantry, ice maker and even more. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of fridges. The whole thing is also completely customizable as you see fit. Sick of coffee? Remove that section. Think of it as your very own real-life game of Tetris, only filled with ice cream and bottled water.

A fridge that includes literally everything but the kitchen sink will set you back a few golden ice trays, though. La Cambusa clocks in an extremely frigid $41,500. That is a whole lot of half-eaten tubs of hummus.


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