The Fabulous Beekman Boys Reinvent Unwanted Fruitcake

Fabulous Beekman Boys Victorian Festival

To say that our first employee, Maria, is a fan of the Victorian era is a bit of an understatement. Her email address includes the phrase “veryvictorianlady,” and for a time in her life, she penned and performed Victorian murder mysteries on an upstate N.Y. tourist train. If you happen to be wearing a high-necked blouse with lace on it, she is your immediate best friend.

She has been the driving force behind the Sharon Springs Victorian Celebration that the village hosts on the first Saturday of every December.

The only thing that she doesn’t like about the Victorian era is the food.

Fruitcake recipes were originally developed in the era as a way to have fruit-filled sweets even during the long winter months, and Maria is not alone in finding them disdainful.

Quite honestly, most of the ones you can buy are not in the best taste.

If you happen to be on the receiving end of a bad fruitcake, we’ve got two good ideas for regifting it that don’t involve turning it into a doorstop:

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