Quick Thanksgiving Recipes for Last-Minute Preparation

Whether you’ve planned for weeks or are scrambling to put together a feast for dozens, Thanksgiving has a way of sneaking up on you. Sure, your pie shells have been pre-baked and you’ve frozen that soup for easy reheating, but it’s the last-minute juggling of kitchen (namely oven) real estate that sends every host into a tizzy. That’s why we’ve pulled together our easiest, low-maintenance and quickest recipes for last-minute preparation.

When guests arrive, you’ll want to offer them some small bites to keep them sated without spoiling their appetites. The simplest guest-ready spread you can provide is a cheese plate, with varieties labeled and organized thoughtfully. Kelsey Nixon shows you how to put one together quickly.

Everyone knows it’s the sides that make the Thanksgiving meal, but the turkey hogs your oven for much day-of preparation. Stovetop Side Dish Recipes, like this Mac-n-Cheese, enable you to work on your sides while the turkey is roasting. Short on time day-of? Here are 10 side dishes you can make in 30 minutes or less (including the Sweet Potato Puree shown above).

Need more desserts to round out your sweets buffet? Supplement those labor-intensive pies with some of our easiest dessert recipes, like this delicious Pear Cranberry Crumble.

Our Quick + Easy Cheat Sheet:
How to Put Together a Cheese Plate
Stovetop Side Dish Recipes
10 Sides in 30 Minutes or Less
Easy Dessert Recipes

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