Leftover Makeover: Tasty Thanksgiving Remixes

I don’t know about you, but after Thanksgiving I can only handle one day of turkey-cranberry-stuffing sandwiches. After that, I start to get bored — and bloated.

Instead of treading the same-old leftover route, turn your Turkey Day extras into something different with Turkey Tacos (shown above). They’re great with white or dark meat; it doesn’t matter. Just reheat the meat in a saute pan with onions, coriander, cumin and chile power, wrap it up in corn tortillas and top with whatever you like: lettuce, sour cream, lettuce; maybe some picked carrots and jalapenos for a little punch.

Another tasty option: Giada’s garlicky Turkey Bolognese (above). While you could make your own marinara for it, why? Use a jar from your pantry and save precious time for all that holiday shopping. It’ll still taste divine.

If you’re a die-hard traditionalist and insist on day-after sandwiches, at least make it worthwhile. Kelsey Nixon’s got your number with her delicious-beyond-belief Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Spicy Cranberry Cream (above). The cream is the clincher: Apple cider, cranberries, cranberry juice and maple syrup are boiled down until thick and syrupy and then mixed with Greek yogurt, scallions and jalapenos. You’ll be making this far past ‘leftover weekend’ for sure.

And if your inner fatty hasn’t been satiated enough, it’s time for dessert! Turn leftover or unused rolls into a decadent caramel bread pudding or get even more ambitious with Kelsey’s Apple Pie Shake (above). It goes like this: Chill a leftover slice of apple pie (or pumpkin) in the freezer. Remove it; place in a blender with whole milk and vanilla ice cream. Die from happiness.

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