How to Lighten Up After Thanksgiving

Sweet Potato Pie

Right now you might be feeling like you just want to hibernate for several weeks. Maybe it’s the amino acid tryptophan in all those turkey slices. Maybe it’s a subconscious way of avoiding seeing another stick of butter for a month. Or maybe you should have avoided that fourth slice of pie. In any case, you’ve recently consumed a great amount of food and you might be looking to detox. But it might be hard giving up comfort food after such a fantastic food frenzy. The good news is you don’t really have to.

Starting at 4pm ET, Cooking Channel is airing 12 back-to-back episodes of Not My Mama’s Meals hosted by Bobby Dean. Tune in to get his delicious lightened-up versions of your favorite comfort classics. For instance, his New School Sweet Potato Pie pictured above has only 290 calories per serving — not bad for something so good. Watch him make it on the episode Super Southern at 5:30pm ET. Throughout the day, he’ll be serving up a Monster Mushroom Burger, Pot Roast Stew, Meat and Mushroom Lasagna, and much more.

Cooking Channel’s Not My Mama’s Meals marathon starts at 4pm ET.