Back to the Future: Restaurant Has Menus on 3-D View-Masters

At a time when technology and food are rapidly becoming intertwined, New York City’s MONO+MONO stands out as a unique bar and restaurant that is throwing back to an earlier time of scientific know-how. On December 1, this Korean eatery will premiere its menu on 3-D View-Masters (pictured above). While other restaurants are offering their menus on apps and iPads, owner M.J. Chung (above) says that his Korean restaurant is “proudly old-school.” M.J.’s  impressive collection of View-Masters showcase beautifully photographed images of MONO+MONO’s nightly specials (Garlic Soy fried Chicken, anyone?).  If the menu, which features delicate crispy beef buns and  Korean fried chicken, is not tempting enough on its own, seeing it in 3-D will surely push you over the edge.

But the View-Master menu is not the only unique feature that MONO+MONO boasts.

MONO+MONO claims to have the best Korean fried chicken in New York City. Since I haven’t sampled all the others, I cannot validate this statement. However, the tiny kitchen does turn out crispy bites of sweet, salty and spicy fried chicken in garlic soy or hot and spicy varieties, both of which are served with refreshing pickled radish. The chicken at MONO+MONO is deeply fried twice, resulting in an incredibly crispy skin, tender meat and less grease than I’m used to. Adding to the unique factor, signature cocktails are made with Soju, an alcohol made primarily from rice that is similar to vodka, but with a slightly sweeter taste and gentler finish. Curious? A Soju sampler (below) will introduce you to multiple varieties of Soju infused with pomegranate, lychee, orange and more.

Korean Fried Chicken and Soju Cocktails and MONO+MONO

Yet anther unique feature of Chung’s hot spot is his collection of 30,000+ jazz vinyl records, which he features in an enclosed glass case along one wall of the restaurant. It is New York City’s largest collection of jazz vinyls, and it is put to good use as diners and bar-goers enjoy the pleasant hum of jazz as they enjoy and imbibe.

M.J. Chung MONO+MONO View-Master

MONO+MONO is definitely taking good Korean food and unique cocktails back to the future.

Pay them a visit to check out their specialties and 3-D View-Master menu, or make your own incredible Korean recipes at home.