Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Looks Amazing Even When Feeling Lazy

Rock This Look: Nadia G's Lazy Day Dishes

There are several degrees of feeling lazy. At the lowest, there’s not wanting to take out the trash. At its highest, there’s being unmotivated to nuke a microwave dinner. It’s okay to spend a day on your couch every now and then, but slip on a pair of Uggs and you’ve lost our support. Take a cue from Nadia, get up and get dressed! There’s an easy way to look amazing, and it never involves sweats or pyjamas.

When you’re feeling lazy, lifting your arms above your head long enough to lather, rinse and repeat can feel exhausting. And don’t get us started on how much motivation it takes to heat up the curling iron! A simple slicked-back bun is stylish but easier than many other up-dos. We know you hear the call of the baseball cap, but we promise you won’t be avoiding your mirrors for the rest of the day if you just find an elastic and get your hair out of your face. Some lazy days still require you to leave the house, and this bun is work-to-grocery-store appropriate.

Onesies have had a strong comeback lately, but there is a time and a place for these hilariously printed lazy day uniforms (6am, while watching weekend-morning cartoons). We know that you don’t want to fuss with zipper and buttons, so find yourself a well-fitting pair of tights. They’ll slip on as fast as sweats, but they won’t hide your figure. To keep it simple and sexy on top, too, find an adorable tank top. The only rules here are that you’re comfy and that your top is long enough to cover your butt. Look, tights work as pants, but visible panty lines are still offensive. Nadia had her one-of-a-kind BK top printed at Peach Berserk!

On lazy days, fake eyelashes are off the table. But a five-minute face can be yours with some eye-catching lipstick, subtle shadow and blush. Nadia is wearing MAC “Girl About Town” on her lips, “Caviar and Oyster” by Bobbi Brown on her eyes and MAC “Dollymix” blush. Since you might not find the time to do your nails, treat your lazy self to a salon manicure, and be sure to request “All Kendall-ed-Up” by OPI for a Nadia-approved shade. Hopefully you’re too lazy to chew them and ruin them!

We will not entertain slippers, sneakers or bare feet, no matter how lazy you feel. And we already said our piece on Uggs. You know that confident feeling you get when you slip into the perfect heel? Keep that feeling in mind and man up … er … woman up. No one will know you’re not “feelin’ it,” when you wear Dolce & Gabbana Pink High Heeled Heart Pumps, or a pair like ‘em (these bad boys aren’t easily available, sadly).

Nadia has been inciting some serious envy all season long with her M. Cohen accessories. You’ll look put together and coordinated with a couple of layered bracelets and exude zero effort doing so. The best part about layering is that it’ll work with whatever tank you’ve chosen to rock. Try not to get too frustrated working the clasps, though.

It’s easy to cut corners at work or in the kitchen when you’re feeling uninterested in taking part in the world. Don’t let your look slide into cat lady territory! You’re only a few minutes from looking absolutely fierce, even if you’re feeling way less than.

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