Cadbury’s Invents Chocolate that Stubbornly Refuses to Melt

Alchemists the world over have struggled for centuries to create gold from copper, or wine from water. To our knowledge, these labors have remained fruitless. Gold is still precious and wine is still made from grapes. However, alchemists can rejoice in knowing that we at least now have chocolate that doesn’t melt.

It’s true! Candy manufacturer Cadbury’s has announced it has finally solved one of the planet’s greatest puzzles, and invented chocolate that won’t melt on your dashboard on a hot summer’s day. How does this work? The company states they have found a way to break down sugar particles into ridiculously small pieces, thus minimizing the amount of fat that covers them. This, in turn, keeps the finished product from melting in temperatures of up to 104 degrees. In contrast, regular chocolate turns to mush at around 93 degrees. Let’s hear it for technology!

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