The World’s First Digital Bottle Cap

Some people drink for the taste, or because it goes well with whatever they are eating. Some people drink to get drunk. Nobody, however, drinks to check in to Foursquare or to turn a light fixture on and off. That could all be changing thanks to a unique and strange innovation by UK cider giant Strongbow.

The company is currently prepping the StartCap, a digital bottle cap that uses RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification). This tech can be used to trigger an action to anything it is remotely connected to. Anti-theft tags in department stores use the tech, as does your credit card when swiped. What possible use could a bottle cap have with it though? The company is remaining mum, but people have speculated that opening a bottle of their hard cider could create a Facebook events page or a Foursquare check-in. Hopefully it will refrain from “poking” people.