The Whitehouse Gingerbread House (Now With Gigantic Marzipan Bo)

The holidays are nearly upon us. Food stores have begun to play Christmas music and we’ve all begun practicing looking enthused upon opening yet another fruit cake. Another way you can tell the yuletide spirit is in full force? The White House has officially unveiled their yearly, and quite spectacular, gingerbread house.

This year’s edition is over 300 pounds of gingerbread goodness. Executive pastry chef Bill Yosses has created an exact replica of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, complete with chocolate furniture, a candy version of the First Lady’s garden and Christmas-themed trees made from gooey globs of brown sugar. There’s also a marzipan-rendition of everyone’s favorite first pup, Bo the dog. Also? This edible Bo is huge. Like, Godzilla attacking Tokyo huge. Here’s hoping the White House staff never forgets to feed him.

The house will be on display in the State Dining Room throughout the holiday season. Nearly 90,000 people are expected to see it, unless one hungry Vice President accidentally devours it during a late night chomp session.