A Dream Realized: Robotics Company Creates Burger-making Robot

Well, it’s not the Jetsons but we are certainly getting there. A San Francisco-based robotics firm called Momentum Machines is putting the finishing touches on the world’s first burger-making robot. Finally, human beings can wash their hands of that whole prep process and chomp with no strings attached.

The purpose of this burgerbot? To simplify the fast food industry by taking the guess work out of making burgers. This isn’t something for home use (yet.) It shapes patties, cooks them up, slices toppings, assembles the finished product and even places the whole thing in a paper bag. The company is going to unveil the patty-forming bot at a restaurant they are opening that will be staffed exclusively by robots.

According to the company, this culinary C3PO can put together almost 400 burgers an hour. Not bad for a bag of bolts.