See an Entire New York City Block Made of Gingerbread

Gingerbread Brooklyn Block

Gingerbread houses are part of the architecture of the holidays.They’re also the haunts of cannibalistic witches. It’s hard to bate unsuspecting children in the middle of the woods. (How many kids go off wandering alone in the woods? Twenty-five a week, tops?) They’d have way more success in a more populated area. Since they are so inclined to live in edible edifices, there’s probably no better place to relocate than the Big Apple.

Fortunately for witches and people who are just into cool and stunning things, Brooklyn-based blogger Renee Bauman has taken the classic gingerbread house to an awesome new level. She, along with some amateur baker volunteers, has built an entire illuminated gingerbread block of brownstones — complete with fire escapes and candy glass. It’s perfect for witches; the results are spellbinding.

Each of the buildings will be auctioned off for charity later this month. If you can make it to Brooklyn, the block is on display at 61 Local in Cobble Hill.

More Detailed Photos of the Buildings

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