Wine Pairings for Christmas Dinner

No matter what you’re planning to make for Christmas dinner, it’s important to choose your wine carefully to enhance the flavors of your dish and ensure that the wine tastes optimal. We picked our top 10 Christmas main dish recipes and recommend varietals for each.

Giada’s Bracoile (Shown Above)
Braised beef with Pecorino, Provolone and marinara is an easy match for fruity Merlot.

Chuck’s Rib Roast With Mushroom Crust
Prime rib with Cabernet is a classic — and for good reason. An earthier Cabernet would match the wild mushroom crust; a more-tannic one would do well with the rich meat.

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Turkey
Herb butter and halved clementines add flavor to classic roast turkey — it’s perfect with a glass of Chardonnay.

Kelsey’s Roasted Whole Black Bass
Toasty Chardonnay does wonders with lemony, briny roasted black bass.

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Brisket With Parnsnips, Leeks and Green Onions
Brisket could go with either Merlot or Cabernet; since this one’s got sweet notes from the parsnips and brown sugar, go with the less-sweet, more-bracing Cabernet.

Alton’s City Ham
Pair this with a crisp Chardonnay to set off the richness of the ham and the sweetness of the gingersnaps.

Debi and Gabriele’s Lasagna Alla Bolognese
Comfort food demands comfort wine; A glass of fruity Merlot fits here perfectly.

Classic Cioppino
Tomatoes and jalapenos bring this shellfish dish to the red side; Try it with a warm, fruity Merlot.

Roasted Pheasant Alla Fiorentina
Crisp, lemony Pinot grigio acts as a refreshing counterpart to the richness of pork, prosciutto and pheasant.

Laura Calder’s Stuffed Guinea Hen
Delicate guinea hens would be set off nicely by flinty Chardonnay. If you can find one that’s labeled “unoaked,” even better.

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