Pizza Hut Singapore Creates the Craziest Pizza of All Time

Pizza Hut Singapore has released a monstrosity called their ‘Double Sensation’ pizza, which is really two pizzas in one. The outer pizza includes a crust that is stuffed to the brim with three melted cheeses and topped with turkey, ham, green peppers and, of course, salsa. The inner pizza also has a crust that is stuffed with chicken, sausage and cheese and is topped with smoked chicken, zucchini and Alfredo sauce. Want to know the weirdest part? The whole thing has an actual cherry on top. Not a cherry tomato. A treacly sweet cherry. Yum?

As assumed, you can only get this pizza in Singapore. If you happen to live there, the price won’t break the bank. You can get a regular-sized pie for around $21 and a large for around $28. Keep on innovating Pizza Hut!