The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Quite Literally Comes from a Cat’s Butt

Cats! We give them love. We give them a home. We give them all the food they can slowly eat. Aside from the occasional snuggle (or scratch), they don’t give us too much in return, though. That is about to change. Welcome to a world in which a cat’s butt can create delicious coffee.

Using the digestive tract of an animal to make gourmet coffee is nothing new. People have been harvesting beans from elephant dung for years now. The civet, also known as the toddycat, is getting in on the act, helping to produce the world’s most expensive coffee. Great Britain’s Harrods department store is now selling Terra Nera coffee, which is made from civet cat-processed beans, for $227 a bag. That’s right. $227 for a tiny bag of coffee.

Sure, that might sound like an outrageous sum but isn’t it worth it to be able to tell your friends and family what they’ve just drunk an entire cup of? Someone is liable to faint.