Rock This Look: Nadia G. Gets Happy

It’s hard to feel “happy” when you’re looking frumpy and/or chunky. In this week’s Rock This Look, we’ll show you how you can brighten your day (and night) with fun prints, bold colors and a dress so cute, it’ll even put a smile on ‘Grumpy Cat’.

Peplum Dress

The latest in trendy dresses, peplum styles give you the sexiness of a skin tight number with the added cuteness of ruffles around the waist. It comes in a few different variations, but we love the retro one Nads’ is sporting. G’s is a Betsey Johnson design that’s sadly no longer available (bummer), but there are loads popping up all over the place (scores!). Check out these styles and be on your way to a happier, much cuter Saturday night.

Dolce and Gabbana ‘Alexa’ Leopard Pumps

These classic shoes were first seen in ‘Dysfunctional Family Pizza Night’ and for obvious reasons have made the G-star exponentially happier in the shoe department. Now, you might think pairing a leopard print with a purple dress  is a little on the edgier side, but we think you can totally own it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with style, but we draw the line when that experimenting leads to Crocs.

Queen Baby Bling

When in doubt, show a girl some sparkle and behold the magical powers of jewelry. This big rock is Queen Baby and a Nadia G favorite. The knuckle ring is classic G wear, a rings she’s had throughout the seasons.


We can’t deny that looking good makes you feel good. That’s why there are so many “makeover 360 degree mirror” shows to show you just how miserable you looked before and then how happy you look after a trim and a little bronzer. To get Nadia’s classic eye smolder, coat your eyelids with some ‘Cranberry’ M.A.C eyeshadow, highlight with ‘Shroom’ M.A.C eyeshadow and define with ‘Carbon’ M.A.C eyeshadow. Finish your face with ‘Dainty’ M.A.C mineralized blush and some ‘Golden’ M.A.C bronzer. Don’t forget the perfect pout! This neutral color is Aqua #15 from Makeup Forever and it’s waterproof. Now look at your fine self and smile one of those big yearbook-smile smiles.

Street Smart Spa Ritual Vegan Nail Polish

Dark colors are ‘in’ for the winter months, so don’t be worried about sporting the darker shades. And yes, you read right: vegan nail polish. A nail polish free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene (ie: bad things that definitely won’t make you happy). This polish is also hand-blended which means you get some premium shine, dry time and coverage.

Tune in tonight at 10pm as Nadia G. serves recipes that are a sure-fire way to Happiness.

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