Cooking Channel’s 10 Most Popular Shows and Chefs of 2012

Not My Mama's Meals

2012 is almost behind us. As a salute to a great year, we’re highlighting what you loved most about Cooking Channel, from the top posts on Facebook to the shows you loved most and the recipes you couldn’t get enough of, like I Want to Marry You Cookies. See how this year stacks up against 2011 and 2010.
Cooking Channel’s Top 10 Shows of 2012

Paula Deen’s buttery Southern comfort dishes are so indulgent, she has become the stuff of memes. Her son Bobby has taken to a more fit lifestyle but, naturally, doesn’t want to give up the incredible flavors his mom served up his entire life. He’s made it his mission to take his mama’s recipes and transform them into lighter, lean, yet still delicious dishes. Our fans love his results so much, millions have flocked to his healthy substitutes of his mom’s recipes that cut down on calories and fat, but still deliver on taste.

Not My Mama’s Meals took the top spot in 2012 of most visited show pages on our site. Here are the rest of the contenders:
1. Not My Mama’s Meals
2. Kelsey’s Essentials
3. Everyday Italian
4. French Food At Home
5. Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day
6. Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen
7. Extra Virgin
8. Symon’s Suppers
9. Chuck’s Day Off
10. Unique Sweets

Cooking Channel’s Top 10 Chefs of 2012

Kelsey Nixon
Kelsey Nixon initially created her own cooking show in college. Now she host’s Kelsey’s Essentials on Cooking Channel. She’s the real deal. We’ve had Facebook chats with her and watched her ability to answer complex cooking questions in a very helpful, concise and straight-forward way on the fly. Her ability to break down the basics, teach proper technique and make anyone feel comfortable in the kitchen has made her the well-deserved most sought-out chef on in 2012. Here are the top ten:

1. Kelsey Nixon
2. Giada De Laurentiis
3. Laura Calder
4. Bobby Deen
5. Ching He-Huang
6. Chuck Hughes
7. Rachael Ray
8. Michael Symon
9. Ellie Krieger
10. Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos (we’ll count them as a team)

What was your favorite show and chef on Cooking Channel this year? Let us know in the comments.