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Thirsty Thursday: Drink Pairings with Sweet-and-Spicy Snacks for the Super Bowl

Get recipes to pair sweet-and-spicy snacks with a few zippy, homemade cocktails for an outstanding Super Bowl spread.

The 5 Best Healthy Snacks to Have on Hand

Whether you pack a snack for the office or you try to make one easily accessible at home, these five suggestions have been Kelsey Nixon’s favorites as she’s kicked off a healthier 2013.

Chrissy Teigen on Romantic Cooking, Eating Whatever You Want and More

In our interview, Chrissy shared with us her wedding planning tips and take aways from cooking school — plus let us know how she seemingly eats whatever she wants and still manages to be a knockout in a bikini.

Mattel Opens Barbie-themed Restaurant, Ken Jealous

The Barbie Cafe will feature all of the pink opulence Barbie herself has grown accustomed to.

Hump Day Snack: 8-Second Spaghetti

A company called Royal Chef has invented noodles that cooks faster than you can say “al dente reinvente!” (providing it takes you more than eight seconds to say that.) Find out more on Royal Chef’s site. Warning, site is NSFWWDRJ (not suitable for web-users who don’t read Japanese).

Sifted: Better-than-the-box Recipes + Nacho Loaded Potato Skins

Get our take on the best in food news, recipes and more from around the web, including Super Bowl recipes.

5 Ways to Raise Your Nacho Game

Add one of these nacho recipes to your Super Bowl menu, and everyone will win, no matter which team they are rooting for.

Comfort Feast: Chili, Outside the Bowl

Just in time for the Super Bowl, we’re sharing recipes for a great-for-groups food: chili.

Pizza Hut Singapore Releases a Coin-Shaped Pizza

The Chinese New Year is often about wishing health and wealth, and nothing helps spell wealth like a pizza that looks like a gold coin.

When It’s Okay to Drink

While a nice glass of wine at the end of a bad day sounds pretty darn good, Cooking Channel’s Nadia G. is a big believer in drinking to celebrate, rather than forgetting your woes.