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If Your Resolution is to Eat More Fast Food…

It’s that time of year again. Everything is fresh and new like the smell of pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning. The world is to be our oyster. If one of your ill-advised New Year’s resolutions is to consume more fast food, you are in luck due to new menu additions at several chains.

Burger King has added Cheesy Tots — deep-fried potato fritters filled with cheese — to the menu. And for dessert, you can gorge on Molten Fudge Bites. These warm brownies contain hot fudge in the middle and, of course, can also be topped with ice cream. To our health!

Dunkin’ Donuts has added Dark Hot Chocolate, a less sweet version of their usual hot chocolate. They are also introducing a French Toast Bagel, complete with new Reduced Fat Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread. DD seems to be committed to the health conscious this year, also releasing a 400 calorie turkey breakfast sandwich. Of course we believe there are better ways to eat healthy.

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