Tamale-Scented Perfume is Real and, um, Corny

The worlds of smelling fresh and tasting good may seem like polar opposites, but they are inching closer with each passing day. Food-based perfume is all the rage, for some reason, and this newest entry may just take the corn-cake.

Perfumer Zorayda Ortiz has just announced a brand new fragrance simply called “Tamale.” Guess what it smells like? Ortiz created the fragrance as an homage to the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, where it is true the smell of tamales is often found wafting through the streets. Why would anyone want to smell like one though? Why not! It’s 2013.

Zorayda Ortiz isn’t done either. “I could go wild and try to create a ‘pollo’ one or an ‘al pastor’ one,” she recently told DNAinfo.

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