Domino’s Japan Introduces $66 Kobe Beef Pizza

Kobe Beef Pizza at Domino's

Long time readers of this blog know that all of your favorite chain pizza joints really pull out all the stops in Asia. You want cheese sticks and hot dogs in the crust? Go to Japan. Want a pie topped with fried shrimp? Head on over to Malaysia. Japan is getting another feather in its pizza cap, thanks to Domino’s. Introducing the $66 Kobe Beef Steak Pizza.

This monstrosity is billing billed as a “luxury” pizza and its easy to see why. The thing is not only topped with Kobe beef, but also onions, potatoes, cheese and, yes, even steak sauce. Early reviews indicate that these flavor components actually work well together, with one Japanese food blogger describing it as “pizza ecstasy.” It had better be for $66.