We Now Live in a World With Ramen-Flavored Ice Cream

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As anyone who has ever lived in a dorm will tell you, college students live on ramen noodles. They are cheap, plentiful and, for the most part, edible. Still, there is all of that chewing and pouring of boiling water to struggle through. Yawn! That sounds like a lot of work. The food artisans of Japan are thinking the same thing. Their solution? Ramen-flavored ice cream.

People are reporting that Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Tokyo, features miso ramen-flavored ice cream.  According to Youtube user Thisjapanesegirl, it “kinda tastes like some weird peanut butter.”

We can be fairly sure this weird peanut butter will never make its way to our shores. We’ll just have to get our ramen-flavored ice cream the old fashioned way, by accidentally leaving a package in the freezer after a night of hard drinking.