Only in Japan: Cheeseburger Vending Machine

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It’s no secret Japan has a fondness for vending machines. They have machines for nearly every type of food you can imagine. The ever-popular cheeseburger, however, has managed to escape the mechanized grasp of automated food creation. That is, until now.

The cheeseburger vending machine is now a reality. This technological marvel does exactly what you think. You approach the machine at 4 AM, push a button and it will pop out a hot, and basically edible, burger. This is perfect for the socially anxious, the insomnia-ridden and Wimpy. Sadly, though, you cannot pay it Tuesday for a hamburger today.

In case you are planning of a trip to Japan, the vending machine can be found at “24 Hour Auto Restaurant Tekken Taro” in Gyoda city.