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Cookbook Giveaway: The Little Paris Kitchen

Rachel Khoo

The Little Paris Kitchen CoverRachel Khoo, the British host of Little Paris Kitchen on Cooking Channel (Saturdays at 2:30pm ET), thinks French cooking gets an unwarranted bad name. The inner circle of food culture has embraced fanciful molecular gastronomy, uber locavorism and other various food fads, while French cooking has been associated with ornery, tall toque-adorned chefs dousing incredibly intricate recipes with butter. Rachel Khoo is out to prove that you don’t need formal Le Cordon Bleu training (though she has it) to prepare a delicious French meal. She does it every day with a little oven and a two ring gas stove in her tiny Parisian flat that she had converted into the city’s smallest restaurant.

Rachel’s new cookbook, The Little Paris Kitchen, contains 120 simple but classic French recipes. It covers the mainstays you’d expect — Bouillabaisse and Mousse aux chocolat — but also has stories about her own twists on recipes and her life in Paris.

Want a sneak peek? Here are a few recipes from the book:

We’re giving away three copies of The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes to three lucky, randomly selected Devour readers. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your answer to this question: What is Rachel’s twist on the classic French cassoulet? (hint: the answer can be found in our Cooking with Rachel Khoo gallery.)

You must include your email address in the “Email” field when submitting your comment so we can communicate back with you if you’re a winner. (But do not post your email address into the actual body of the comment.)

So, tell us: What is Rachel’s twist on the classic French cassoulet? (check our Cooking with Rachel Khoo gallery for the answer and more on the show.)

Tune in to Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo every Saturday at 2:30pm ET on Cooking Channel.

You may only comment once to be considered, and you don’t have to purchase anything to win; a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Odds depend on total number of entries. Void where prohibited. Only open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states, D.C. or Puerto Rico, and you must be at least 18 years of age to win. All entries (comments) must be entered between 4:00 p.m. ET on January 18, 2013 and 5:00 p.m. ET on January 24, 2013. Subject to full Official Rules. By leaving a comment on the blog, you acknowledge your acceptance to the Official Rules. ARV of prize: $35.00. Sponsor: Scripps Networks, LLC, d/b/a/ Cooking Channel, 75 9th Ave., New York, NY 10011.


Comments (866)

  1. Kourtney Angyal posted 01/19/2013

    Transforming it into a soup.

  2. Patricia B posted 01/19/2013

    She transforms the cassoulet into a soup.

  3. Anndrea posted 01/19/2013

    She made it into soup! I love her show ! Such a gem!

  4. Eva K posted 01/19/2013

    Not only does she turn it into a soup, but she adds mushrooms (an atypical ingredient for a "real depth of flavor") and makes "dumplings" out of the duck and Toulouse sausage, which are usually just left whole in a more traditional cassoulet. Brilliant show! I have made numerous recipes (beef bourgogne with baguette dumplings, fish en papillote, oeufs en cocotte, etc.) the baguette dumplings are my favourite twist thus far, and I would love to own the cookbook! :)

  5. Katie posted 01/19/2013

    Turning the cassoulet into a soup is her twist on the classiz dish

  6. Jacqueline posted 01/19/2013

    Love your twist on turning a cassoulet into a wonderful soup, I love the simplicity of a French kitchen for cooking and the simple ingredients to make such wonderful foods.

  7. Pat H posted 01/19/2013

    She turns the cassoulet into a soup.

  8. Debbie L posted 01/19/2013

    By transforming it into a soup.

  9. Alishia Bigelow posted 01/19/2013

    She makes it into a SOUP! I love french food!

  10. Amy posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel is a wonderful find for me, I adore her & am so inspired by her!

  11. jem posted 01/19/2013

    To make it into a soup. Great recipes from a great cook.

  12. Janet R posted 01/19/2013

    She changed it into soup – and it sounds delicious!

  13. Mary posted 01/19/2013


  14. Brynne posted 01/19/2013

    She turns it into a soup!

  15. Kristi B. posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel's twist is turning the cassoulet into a soup. P.S. I adore this show – it is my special treat on Saturday afternoons!

  16. Karla posted 01/19/2013

    She transforms a classic French cassoulet into a soup. I feel inspired by this show and Rachel herself…she is as cute as a bug in a rug!

  17. Alice posted 01/19/2013

    Her twist is to turn it into a soup!

  18. Amanda S. posted 01/19/2013

    Cassoulet as a soup. Brilliant.

  19. Tammee posted 01/19/2013

    I am planning to try this beautiful cassoulet soup!

  20. Vikki posted 01/19/2013

    Love Rachel's twist of turning it into soup. Magnifique. Love her style of cooking.

  21. Tracey Johnson posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel transforms a classic French cassoulet into soup.

  22. Sue posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel’s twist on the classic French cassoulet is turning it into a soup.

  23. Jen posted 01/19/2013


  24. Janet Sadowski posted 01/19/2013

    Soup, soup, warm and yummy soup

  25. Cheryl Tutson posted 01/19/2013

    Turning it into a fabulous soup!

  26. Ann jones posted 01/19/2013

    To turn the cassoulet into a soup.

  27. Tram N Shea posted 01/19/2013

    I love her shows

  28. JennyC posted 01/19/2013

    She transforms the cassoulet into a soup!

  29. Debi C posted 01/19/2013

    She turns it into a soup!

  30. Helen posted 01/19/2013

    SOUP! What a great idea!

  31. Andres posted 01/19/2013

    Her amazing twist on the classic French cassoulet is the transformation into a fantastic soup!

  32. Rachel Kern posted 01/19/2013


  33. Kris Anderson posted 01/19/2013

    She transforms it into soup….YUMM. Traveling in Europe, one does not have to go far to realize kitchens are often closet size. I quickly learned size does not impact the quality of the food. Knowledge and truly fresh ingredients is the key.

  34. Dina posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel puts her twist on French cassoulet by transforming it into a soup! Fun!!!

  35. Mario DiMaio posted 01/19/2013

    What a great idea to transform a cassoulet into a soup! It's funny that I've just discovered this show on Cooking Channel — and I really like! :-)

  36. Michael Lamont posted 01/19/2013

    She takes it & turns it into a soup…

  37. Joe Hill posted 01/19/2013

    Apparently she turned it into a soup. I enjoyed watching the show when I got the Cooking Channel for a month. Her "Tiny Paris Kitchen" reminds me of "Julie and Julia".

  38. Marybeth Mank posted 01/19/2013

    She makes a soup out of it…great idea! Love twisting recipes 'round. :-)

  39. Clifford posted 01/19/2013

    Voila, soup

  40. Amy Cioffi posted 01/19/2013

    I hope it goes back to the basics in her book and shows us all the techniques…Because once you get that down you can do almost anything.

  41. Perry posted 01/19/2013

    Her twist is turning it into a soup!

  42. Beth posted 01/19/2013

    She transforms it into a soup!

  43. Deborah posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel puts her twist on cassoulet by making it into a soup.

    I adore this show~

  44. Jennifer posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel's twist is turning the cassoulet into a soup!

  45. Michelle posted 01/19/2013

    Rachel turns the classic French cassoulet into a soup, which is fascinating and sounds delicious.

  46. Kel posted 01/19/2013

    It looks like she made it into a soup. thanks!

  47. Ninette posted 01/19/2013

    Her twist is turning into a soup.

  48. Heidi posted 01/19/2013

    Cassoulet SOUP! :)

  49. eva Garcia da silva posted 01/19/2013

    turn a classic french cassoulet dish into a soup ;)

  50. Kelly Reece posted 01/19/2013

    Love how she turned it not a soup

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