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How to Drop 5 Pounds and Look Five Years Younger

Melissa d’ Arabian cooks up a couple of meals that will help turn back your clock to a more flattering time.

“Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.”- Anonymous

It’s the start of a new year, and most of us have resolutions that involve a gym, a new diet and perhaps ultimately … a scale. We all know that what we eat on a daily basis impacts our weight and how we feel in our bodies. But we sometimes (maybe willfully) forget that there’s a larger, cosmic force that’s working against us — time. Let’s face it, we are all getting older and unless you’re blessed with Cindy Crawford’s genes, it shows. So what if, in addition to striving to get fit and thin this year, we strove to look and feel younger (sans surgery)?

Enter your Drop 5 Lbs team: Melissa d’Arabian, Samantha Cassetty and my personal fave, Aarti Sequeira. In today’s season 2 premiere of Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping at 10:30am ET, these three women share tips, menus and exercises to help you feel and look youthful. For starters, Melissa cooks up two great recipes that will help turn back your clock: Balsamic Roasted Pork with Berry Salad and Flounder with Corn and Tomatoes.  Both recipes feature lean proteins that can help restore and build collagen, which keeps your skin tight and firm and less like … well, this. Plus, the berries in the salad are packed with vitamin C which helps to ward off wrinkles so you don’t end up looking like … well, this. Nutrition director Samantha Cassetty also gives a much-needed reality check about our body’s metabolism as we age, along with some encouraging tips on how to deal with the change. Last but not least, Aarti spends some time with fitness expert JJ Virgin to work on a few trouble spots that Time tends to “gift” us over the years.

Time waits for no man or woman, so what are you waiting for? Drop five pounds off that scale and at least five years from your age. Tune in every Saturday at 10:30am ET for Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping‘s easy recipes and weight-loss tips on Cooking Channel.


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