Tokyo Cafe Merges Video Games and Coffee

The humble coffee shop is about as ubiquitous as a tree-lined street. It’s where people go to work, socialize and just get amped up on caffeine. Your neighborhood cafe probably comes stocked with books and the occasional board game but have you ever thought about wasting the hours there playing video games? That’s what one new Tokyo cafe is betting on people doing.

Pico Pico Cafe, located in the Kichijoji district of Tokyo, is the gaming and coffee mega-center of your dreams. The decor, from the art on the walls to the coasters on the tables, is derived from the 8-bit era of gaming. There are small televisions strewn throughout where patrons can sit and play Super Nintendo and people are often found on their laptops playing competitive multiplayer games. Oh yeah, they also have their fair share of coffee, tea and goodies.

While this notion of coffee shop as gaming mecca isn’t one that has crossed over to the States yet, we like to think it is one whose time has definitely come.