Philadelphia Restaurant Gives World the Bacon Taco Shell

Just when you thought bacon couldn’t continue its quest toward utter and total world dominance, a restaurant has managed to up the pork ante. Philadelphia’s PYT, which we assume has nothing to do with Michael Jackson, has concocted the bacon taco shell. You read that right. It’s a taco shell made entirely out of bacon.

To make matters even more decadent, the restaurant packs this bacon taco shell with burger meat, multiple cheeses and an avocado-flavored ranch dressing. They call it the Bacon-Shell Burger Taco. We call it a reason to give up on our New Year’s resolutions once and for all.

Their bacon taco shell will only be available for a while longer, so you had better book your trip to Philly as soon as you can. You can go see the Liberty Bell and make a trip out of it.