Lee Anne Wong’s Food Crawl, Starring Pretzel Dumplings

Pretzel Dumplings

We’ve all been on pub crawls (perhaps more often than we’d admit), but what about a legit food crawl? Enter Lee Anne Wong. When she has a craving for dumplings and noodles, she doesn’t just face her craving—she goes running after it with reckless abandon. Tonight at 8pm ET on Cooking Channel, Lee Ane Wong takes her love of Asian food to the streets of New York with her one-hour special Food Crawl with Lee Anne Wong where she finds a treasure trove of savory Asian treats in every corner of the city.

Lee Anne has that distinct ability to make everything she puts in her mouth seem like miracles sent from heaven. Her enthusiasm for food is contagious, and generally speaking I’d be all too happy to “have what’s she having.” But one particular dumpling on her crawl really got my attention and my stomach grumbling. Meet the Pretzel Pork and Chive Dumpling with Tahini Mustard Dipping Sauce courtesy of Talde in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Where to begin, where to begin … Imagine that the salty, crispy buttery-ness of your favorite New York pretzel (sorry, non-New Yorkers, but please use your imagination) is just the beginning — the wrapping really — of a sweet and succulent pork dumpling that’s loaded with juicy flavor. And when I say juicy I mean baby got back — fat back that is. Don’t know what fat back is? Well, I can tell you it comes from a pig and that its name is pretty … accurate, if you catch my drift. Okay so technically, it might not sound very appealing, but practically speaking, it makes lots of pork products (like sausage for example) taste freaking amazing.  Anyways, back to the dumpling. So you’ve got this crispy on the outside, tender juiciness on the inside thing happening but then, then you get to dip the whole shebang into a spicy, tangy mustard sauce that makes you wonder “where have you been all my life?” Dale Talde, you magnificent Asian-American genius, all I can say is thank you.

There’s not enough time in the day for me to talk about how awesome the food is in Lee Anne’s food crawl, but I highly recommend recreating it for yourself if you live in (or visit) the NYC area. Either way, make sure you tune in at 8pm ET for Food Crawl with Lee Anne Wong.