How a Chick Can Survive the Super Bowl

Nadia G Super Bowl Tips

Look, if you’re dating a dude who enjoys sports, your living room will probably be transformed into an all-male mecca come February. And if you’re planning on sticking around rather than leaving on a full day’s worth of shoe shopping, I’ll have to question where your priorities are. Then again, maybe I can see the allure of men in tight pants, savagely attacking each other to the ground all in the name of pigskin ….

If you’re going to survive the man cave, though, you’re going to need food. Luckily, I have recipes for just this occasion. Here’s my quick guide to surviving the Super Bowl!

1) Create a Mad Cool Menu: Want to be a hit with the boys and shkoff some awesome food while you’re at it? Try my Cherry Bomb Poppers with Maple Bacon from Dude Food, for a solid start. For another crowd-pleaser, try Chorizo Corn Dogs with Grainy Maple Mustard from Mad Men(u). And may I suggest the DIY Vodka Bar with Spicy Pomegranate and Lemongrass Limeade Mixers, which, let’s be honest, is more for you than the boys.

2) Educate Yourself About Beer: You’ve already got them beat at chugging competitions; now pummel your man and his friends with your extensive knowledge of beers and their food pairings. If you like lager, chicken is a great food pairing. Believe it or not, even my all-dressed pizza serves well with a specific type of beer ‑ try brown ales. Rule of thumb: treat lagers like a white wine and ale more like a red.

And there you have it, two ways to survive the Super Bowl as a lady: food and booze. My third option is to run, far, far away … but that’s just me.

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