Comfort Feast: Chili, Outside the Bowl

Just in time for game day, we’re sharing recipes for a great-for-groups food: chili. While chili tastes delicious served straight from the pot with your favorite fixings, you can also use it to smother some of your other favorite foods including Fritos, hot dogs and tortilla chips. So think outside a bowl of chili and try these creative options.

1. Baggy Nachos (pictured above)

For a party-ready hand-held treat, open a bag of corn chips and stuff with a chorizo and bean chili. Garnish with cheddar, sour cream, jalapenos and scallions.

2. Beef and Chorizo Chili Cheese Nachos

Brown beef and chorizo as the base for your chili. Keep it warm while you smother tortilla chips in cheddar and Manchego cheese and bake until the cheese is melted. To assemble, spread your chili over the cheesy chips and top with your favorite fixings for a platter of nachos that will be devoured by your guests.


3. Green Chili Sloppy Joses with Refried Bean Dip and Chips

Rachael Ray turns her chili into a slightly more manageable sandwich. A Tex-Mex inspired chili sloppy joe mixture is scooped onto rolls and smothered in cheese. If you can handle even more food, serve with a side of her homemade bean dip and some tortilla chips.

 4. Game Time Chili Dogs

Bobby Deen’s chili-topped hot dogs may look decadent but they actually aren’t as bad for you as you might think. With a little help from whole-wheat buns nonfat Greek-style yogurt and some intense spices, you can turn your classic game-day dog into a chili-topped experience. No sauerkraut required.

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