Mattel Opens Barbie-themed Restaurant, Ken Jealous

In case you were wondering if Mattel would get off their lazy bums and open up a Barbie-themed restaurant already, you can rest easy tonight. The company has done just that with their recently launched Barbie Cafe.

The Barbie Cafe will feature all of the pink opulence Barbie herself has grown accustomed to. The cafe has pink couches, pink tables shaped like high heel shoes and pink chairs adorned with tutus. Of course, the cafe also features a gift shop where you can fill all of your Barbie memorabilia needs.

The cafe’s Facebook page says customers will be able to feast on American fare as well as French food, Italian food, seafood and sandwiches. One more thing, and this is a doozy for you Barbie fans out there: Mattel’s Barbie Cafe is located a world away, in Taiwan. Oh, cruel and unjust world!