Marijuana-themed Sandwich Shop to Expand to Northeast

Arizona is home to a sandwich shop known as Cheba Hut. What’s so special about this joint? It’s, well, marijuana-themed. The entire place is green, and they offer sandwiches like the Skunk, the Dank and the Chronic. It must be noted that there are no actual drugs in their offerings. Marijuana might not be legal, but naming sandwiches after it shall always be.

Now this Harold and Kumar-endorsed munchie factory is setting up stakes and moving on to, sigh, greener pastures. They are expanding to the Northeast, bringing stores to New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Vermont. So, if you live in these states and you’ve always wanted to eat something called the Kush, now is your chance. Refer to their website for the buzz.

One more thing. The sandwiches come in three sizes: Nug, Pinner and Blunt. We hope they just let us say small, medium or large. Using that terminology sounds embarrassing.