How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without A Date

Nadia G Valentine's Day

Contrary to popular belief, being single on Valentine’s Day will not lead to spontaneous combustion. Yes, you have to put up with couples sucking face left, right and center, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of this hallmark holiday.

Celebrate on February 15
This one is a no-brainer. Not only should you hermit indoors to avoid the above average rate of desperate men scrambling around in public, but you’ll have the opportunity to buy up all the fancy chocolates you can handle – and at half-price at that!

Gather Other Singles and Dish
Nothing says “I’m happy alone” quite like crying to your best friends over a bottle of wine. Skip the waterworks come February 14 and set up a real girls’ night out with the gals instead. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, signature cocktails, a mega gossip-fest: Make it fun by telling each other all the bad qualities about your exes – hey, they’re exes for a reason, right?! Better yet, skip all the yapping about boys and plan a trip that you can all get excited about.

Show Yourself Some Love
I’m talking about taking yourself out on one bitchin’ date. I know my favorite take-out spots and movies, and no man has ever taken me on a wild shoe-shopping spree. Shoes don’t buy you toasters for Christmas or forget your birthday, so naturally you should buy a pair that you can spend a lot of quality time with. Treat yourself right and V-day will become about your awesomeness and not about how awesome someone else thinks you are. Ma, what do they know anyways!

I’m not trying to be a cupid killer here. Just remember, you managed to be single the other 364 days of the year.

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