You’ll Fall Crazy in Love with this Beyonce-themed Sandwich

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Sometimes food items dedicated to famous people do not adequately consider the source material. Why, we aren’t even sure Jerry Garcia enjoyed cherry ice cream. This Beyoncé-themed sandwich, however, is the exact opposite. It has so much Beyoncé fan service that Jay Z is liable to accidentally crawl in bed with it after a long day of big pimpin’.

The sandwich was designed by the folks over at HooplaHa and it is a doozy.  The whole thing starts with two slabs of Texas toast, which is topped with fried chicken (her favorite food.) Then comes “Destiny’s Child bacon” and, of course, jelly. What’s a fried chicken sandwich without jelly? Also, in case you were wondering, they do like it and they do put a ring on it. The sandwich is topped with an onion ring.

Check the video to learn how to make your very own Beyoncé sandwich. Just try not to eat it every single day. It doesn’t sound too healthy.