Oscar Nominated Guacamole? Yes, Please.

And the Oscar goes to… guacamole? Well, not yet at least but it did get nominated. Not familiar? Not surprising. Let’s be honest, when it comes to the Oscar nominations, size matters.  Year after year without fail, people flood the theaters to see the slew of blockbuster feature-length films all nominated for “best picture,” while the short films often come up … well, short, in terms of viewership. Not this year, though. This year, the animated short films have been feeling the love, too, and it’s easy to see why.

Created by director and animator, Adam Pesapane, more often known as “PES,” “Fresh Guacamole” is a stop motion animated short film that chronicles the familiar steps involved in making (*spoiler alert*) guacamole.  While his method and tools are mundane — his ingredients are anything but.  Here’s the recipe for PES’s Oscar-nominated “Fresh Guacamole:”*

1 hand grenade avocado with a pool ball pit

1 baseball onion, to be chopped into small white die (of assorted sizes)

1 red tomato pin cushion, cubed into red die

the juice of one (ripe and rubbery) green golf ball lime

1 green light bulb jalapeno (with the filament removed, of course) diced into green monopoly real estate pieces

A dash of black and white sequins from two chess pieces, to taste

Combine the above ingredients in a traditional mortar and pestle and serve with mysteriously crispy poker chips.

Deliciously off, and somehow right on, I love this short film almost as much as I love real guacamole. (Almost.)  In fact, I loved all of the animated short films that were nominated, at least all of the ones I could get my hands on, legally. What they lack in dialogue (though not sound — there’s something oddly gratifying about the chopping sound effects in “Fresh Guacamole”) they more than make up for with powerful and succinct visuals.

Curious? Confused? Watch PES’s animated short “Fresh Guacamole” and maybe try your best to hunt down the others, because wouldn’t it be nice to have a stake in the shorts category for a change? Above all, please remember: *in no circumstances should you actually attempt to replicate and/or digest PES’s “recipe.” Instead, why not stick with Alton Brown’s tried and true guacamole. It may not be as cinematic, but it’s certainly an excellent edible equivalent and a great go-to snack for your Oscar-watch this Sunday.

You can really sink your teeth into Alton Brown’s guacamole.