Have Your Beer and Eat it Too With This Chocolate Stout and Edible Glass Combo

We all love beer. We all love chocolate. That’s why, in recent years, chocolate stouts, bocks and lagers have become all the rage. The two seem like a match made in imbibing heaven. Now that match is getting even more, um, heavenly with the release of an edible chocolate glass complete with matching chocolate stout.

Japan’s Sankt Gallen brewery has released a rather novel combo set. The set includes not only a 330 mL bottle of their Imperial Chocolate Stout but also the aforementioned matching chocolate glass. The glass is made entirely out of chocolate and therefore completely edible. You sip. You bite. Repeat. This is the perfect gift for both alcoholics and chocoholics.

The Imperial Chocolate Stout is made with twice the ingredients of the average dark beer so the chocolate glass acts as a sort of counterbalance. Mmm, chocolate perfection. If you feel like braving the Japanese-only website, you can buy your own here.