Philly Food Truck Offers Free Tacos For Life

When you think street foods, your mind may drift immediately to pizza and hot dogs. However, thanks to the burgeoning food truck industry, the taco is rapidly becoming many people’s street food of choice. A new taco truck in Philadelphia is trying to get off the ground and offering a tantalizing treasure to early backers. What’s the treasure? Free tacos for life.

A restaurateur named Nick Farina is putting the finishing touches on his Verdad Taco Truck, which will service the Bryn Mawr area of Philadelphia. This being 2013, he has turned to crowdfunding to get things rolling. Smaller donations get you gift certificates, taco parties and the ability to name your own menu item. If you donate $2,000, however, you’ll never have to pay for a taco again. Our mouths are watering already.

Our resident mathematician tells us that in order to make that $2,000 pay for itself, you’d have to eat around 800 tacos. Totally doable, if you ask us.