Japanese Bakery Makes Bowls of Ramen Out of Cake

Have you gone your entire day without seeing anything new and ridiculous? Leave it to the culinary mavericks in Japan to put an end to that. The Machi no Kumasan bakery in Gunma, Japan has crafted a bowl of ramen that looks like the real thing but is actually made entirely out of cake.

This bowl of “noodles” is actually filled with chestnut and pumpkin cream. The broth? Earl Grey jelly? The green onions and pork? Pistachios and raspberry jelly, respectively. This bowl of succulent sweet goodness goes for $11 USD. Now you can ruin your dinner all you want. They’ll never know.

Seriously, America, let’s get with the program here. We want cakes that look exactly like slices of pizza and we want them now.