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Today in Food Tech: A Coffee-powered Phone Charger and a Futuristic Fridge

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Technology and food go together like ketchup and french fries or triple cheeseburgers and guilt. Each and every week we hear about newer and cooler ways to prepare food, enjoy food or use food. This week is no exception. Join us in taking a look at what is new in food tech.

First off, a coffee-powered phone charger. You read that right. The Epiphany onE Puck charges your phone via the residual heat from a freshly poured cup of coffee. All you do is place your mug of java on the charging pad and plug it into your phone. It gives up to five watts of power from one cup of coffee, which is the same charge plugging into a socket will achieve. Even cooler? It also works with iced drinks. See it in action above.

The wide world of refrigeration technology is about to get, well, sparklier. Samsung and SodaStream have teamed up to produce a futuristic fridge that takes the faucet up a few notches. This $3,899 refrigerator comes with a soda dispenser, in addition to water and ice dispensers. No longer will you have to trek out to the store for soda water for your precious evening cocktails. It doesn’t dispense whiskey, though.


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