Our Top 3.14 Pie Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day

In case you forgot to mark your calendars, today is Pi Day, a day to celebrate mathematics! Or if you’re like me, it’s a day to celebrate pie! I don’t care if it’s fruit-filled, crumble-topped or served a la mode, if it’s wrapped in a tender, flaky pastry crust then I’m a fan.

Sometimes I ask myself, “Do I really need another excuse to eat more pie?” (No). But while pi is certainly irrational, we think eating some pie today is very rational (nerd joke).

Since Thanksgiving is long gone, this holiday calls for a resurgence of pie-making. So grab your rolling pin, assemble your buttery crusts and roll out some new pie recipes.

Here are our top 3.14 pie recipes that will make Thanksgiving jealous:

1) Slice into Pi Day with a Shoofly Pie hailing from the Pennsylvania Dutch (pictured above). This molasses pie resembles its gooey cousin, pecan pie, but has the deep aroma of molasses and a textured, sandy topping.


Let’s not neglect the allure of a Mississippi mud pie made with a crumbly, buttery cookie crust and filled with seductively dense chocolate custard mimicking the banks of the Mississippi River.


This American classic apple pie is fragrant with dessert wine cooked inside the pie, rather than paired alongside the pie. The Sauternes helps to tenderize the buttery crust, while a dash of it in the apple filling gives it an irresistible flavor.


We’re not sure if one of these fun little Frozen Pie Pops technically counts as .14 of a pie, but does the math really matter when you layer peanut butter whipped cream with chocolate and a salted pretzel crust?

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