London Opens Actual Cake Hotel For One Night Only

Cake. The final frontier. Is there anything better than biting into a freshly prepared slice at a birthday party? Well, there might be one thing. Biting into that freshly prepared slice and then sleeping in an eight-room hotel filled with cake. Sound like a fantasy Willy Wonka land? Think again.  Now you can have your cake and sleep with it too.

A London hotel has undergone a complete renovation to become a mostly edible ‘cake hotel.’ This extreme undertaking, headed up by Tate & Lyle Sugars, took 14 bakers and more than 900 hours to complete. What kind of stuff did they concoct? Edible books, rugs made from meringues, marshmallow garlands, bathtubs filled with caramel popcorn, a giant sea turtle cake and more more than you can sink your cavity-stricken teeth into.

However, just as cake quickly succumbs to the elements, so does this hotel. It was open to the public yesterday for one day only. One lucky couple got to sleep there and we can only guess they are now suffering from extreme stomach pains.